Extra Pulp Press isn’t about orange juice.

The ‘pulp’ in Extra Pulp Press is in reference, a tip-of-the-hat if you will, to the pulp fiction magazines that were so very popular in the first half of the 20th century. These magazines (printed on inexpensive wood pulp paper) featured larger-than-life heroes and exotic locales, and told stories of amazing adventures and strange tales of mystery and suspense.  In short, they entertained and engaged.

While ‘the pulps’ were before the time of most reading this, the creative hotbed that was pulp fiction inspired much that would follow, and that remains with us still in today’s pop culture from the many comic book heroes now being successfully adapted to The Big Screen (or small screen, in the case of Netflix), to those relative new comers such as James Bond and Indiana Jones which draw inspiration from them.

The pulps may be gone, and pulp fiction generally evolved or superseded by more modern interpretations, but the message they carried is as strong now as it was then: readers want to be entertained and engaged.

Readers deserve to be entertained and engaged!